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  25.02.2017       4.00pm

Going Celtic by Casual Ceilidh Band

Andy, Lucy and Erwin take you on a musical journey through Ireland and Scotland. Using the bodhran, fiddle, tin whistle and smallpipes, they will show you some important elements of Celtic musical tradition and different musical styles. So get ready for somecraic agusceol (music and fun)!

Target Audience
Part 1: A Bit of History
Part 2: Instruments Going Celtic
Part 3: Celtic Music

  25.02.2017       5.00pm

Introduction to Acoustic Country Blues by James Thomson

Along with traditional Folk music forms, Blues music has been the other chief influence on Country music. Many early Blues performers borrowed both lyrically and musically from these forms and incorporated them into their repertoire and songs with unique results. This workshop will focus on the common musical elements and themes between early blues and country music and how they both helped evolve the other into what we now recognise as two distinct styles of music.

  26.02.2017       2.00pm

There's no business like show business! by Russel Curtis

How to build a career as an Independent Artist

What is it about:

  • An introduction and background of Russell Curtis and The Russell Curtis Project
  • identifying the qualities required to pursue a career in music
  • The do's and don'ts of performance, music making and navigating yourself through the choppy waters of one of the most cut throat industries. The music industry.
  • How to get your music out there

Target Audience

  26.02.2017       3.15pm

You Can, Do It! by Raggy Project

A fun packed Interactive workshop which includes learning the secrets and tips on how to compose songs using simple musical structures. Writing your own songs is an effective way of expressing your thoughts and feelings musically. It's easy to write good songs once you understand the basic concepts. In this fun workshop, Raggy takes away the mystery behind songwriting and demonstrates how every musician can easily start composing original songs. You Can, Do It!"

Target Audience
Music Theory Knowledge
Segment A: Some Useful Knowledge   Segment B: Putting Knowledge to Practice